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Catnip Quotes on IMDb: Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, TV series and more.True to her star sign, this flirty Sagittarius is curious, energetic and loves an adventure.

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Each holds about 40 lined sheets, mounted on a stiff backing with a strong magnet.The stuff that puts the nip in catnip turns away cockroaches.

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Although catnip is most widely used in toys for kitty, it can also be used in salads as a green or for a relaxing tea.OurPets catnip is the result of many years of research, processing, and commitment to quality.Catnip has an active ingredient called Nepetalactone, which works as a cat pheromone, binding to cat sensory receptors.

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Catnip Common Name(s) catnip, catmint Scientific Name(s) Nepeta cataria L. (Lamiaceae) General Information.

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Anyone who has ever seen a cat zero in on catnip knows the effect the plant has on felines.

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The plant grows to a height of two to three feet and produces small white or.

Welcome to Crazy About Catnip, where we specialize in all things for cats, including toys, gifts, samplers and blankets or mats.Or maybe you have one of those cats that doesnt respond to catnip.Recently, catnip has been shown to work as an effective repellant of bugs and insects, including mosquitoes.

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MEDICINAL: Catnip is effective alone or combined in herbal remedies for colds, flu, fevers, upset stomach, childhood illnesses, and insomnia.

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Find all the best picture quotes, sayings and quotations on a cat dive into a pile of dried herbs, and come up in a crazed mood to play, will make you wonder what is catnip.Insert stuffing (and optional squeaker and catnip) into mouse body. 3. Finish sewing body right up to the tip of the nose. 4.